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Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts

Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts


VIS products are used in all areas of order picking and distribution and, thanks to their very smooth and hard surfaces, ensure smooth ejection and transfer of transported goods. 

VIS offers a very wide range of types for various conveying applications such as horizontal, inclined or curved conveying, especially for this industry. 

The high-performance VIS products are characterised by excellent damping properties, high running stability and permanent antistatic properties. Transmission and carrier belts with a width of up to 500mm support trouble-free and precise workflows.

Areas of application

  • packaging industry
  • mail order retailing
  • picking systems
  • distribution centres
  • postal and parcel shipping

Transversely rigid belt designs for good flatness and stable straight-running are just as much in demand as thin and flexible belts with high friction coefficients. The optimum combination of materials and structures guarantees a long service life of the belts, precise belt running and trouble-free operation in the process chain.

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