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Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts

Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts


Safety with every belt

As a German belt manufacturer, we are very familiar with the high hygienic and logistical requirements in this sector. Whether in the bakery or confectionery industry, in dairies, meat or fish processing, our high-quality belts always meet the requirements of food processing.

VIS has developed a wide range of conveyor and processing belts that allow you to choose the best solution for each application. VIS products fully comply with EU and FDA regulations and support your hygiene concepts. 

VIS belts offer you many benefits for your work processes. In addition to improved hygiene, minimised downtime and maintenance, you receive durable products, optimise your operating costs and offer your employees a noise-reduced working environment.

Our products are characterised by:

  • FDA and EU conformity
  • oil and grease resistance
  • excellent abrasion and cut resistance
  • small pulley diameter and knife edge
  • excellent release properties
  • easy to clean
  • high temperature resistance
  • edge sealing

High-contrast blue belts

Blue conveyor belts are excellently suited for the hygienically flawless transport of unpackaged foodstuffs, but also for use in sorting processes and in packaging systems. Blue is not found in natural foods. As a result, impurities can be detected much faster than on conventional white or beige belts. In addition, the reduced light reflection ensures more safety in your production processes.

For confectionery production

VIS belts are suitable for all processes in the confectionery industry, especially for mixing, cooling, weighing, packaging, as well as for metal detection if required.

The characteristics of the products for these applications include outstanding release properties, trouble-free cleaning, very good oil and grease resistance and knife edge suitability.

For processing fish and meat

Throughout the entire hygienically demanding production and processing of meat and fish products, belts from VIS support the high productivity and ensure food safety. 

Our product range includes belts with high hydrolysis resistance, excellent release properties, and belts that are suitable for deep-freezing, edge-sealed and cut-resistant as required.

For the dairy industry

VIS offers you the right conveyor solutions for the smooth and safe transport of a wide variety of packed or unpacked products in milk processing. VIS belts meet the high standards of hygiene and production safety. Even for the production and processing of products with mould and bacteria cultures, VIS offers suitable belts.

Our products are characterised by excellent release properties, edge sealing, fast cleaning, cut-resistance and troughability.

For the bakery industry

VIS offers you the right hygienic belt solution for every type of dough. Forming belts, cooling belts, spreading belts or detectable belts are some of the special helpers in this sector.

VIS belts are characterised above all by their very good release properties, cut resistance, hydrolysis resistance, troughability and transverse and longitudinal stability.

For the sugar industry

Abrasion resistance and flame resistance distinguish the VIS conveyor belts for the worldwide sugar industry.

Especially for the processing of unpackaged bulk material, troughed belt solutions with or without profiles and sidewalls are the best choice to keep processes reliably in flow and to guarantee uniform speeds. 

The VIS belts for sugar processing are also easy to clean and meet the hygienic requirements of the food industry.

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