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Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts

Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts

Raw materials

As a German belt manufacturer with many years of experience, VIS has developed suitable solutions for the different requirements of the raw material processing industries and has successfully introduced them to the market.

Wood industry

VIS offers high-performance belts for efficient and robust production processes for applications in solid wood processing, panel manufacturing, the furniture industry and chip processing. High efficiency belts, in particular, reliably transmit high tensile forces, have a high tensile strength and offer tension-retaining elasticity for use in saw frames, mills, presses and other systems.

Tobacco industry

VIS conveyor belts with antistatic equipment are particularly suitable for the smooth transport of bales, leaves, leaf ribs and even cut dry tobacco. Polyolefin belts in particular have proven themselves excellently for the various processing and conveying tasks and ensure maximum efficiency in all production steps.

Building materials industry

VIS also offers solutions for the toughest applications with strong load-bearing covers made of wear and abrasion-resistant PVC, ensuring reliable and trouble-free work processes. The antistatic belts reliably transport bricks, marble, ceramics, glass, gravel or sand and can be offered either transversely stable or troughable. With individual V profiles or cross profiles and different edges we have the best solution for each material.

Recycling industry

Various conveyor belts from VIS are also suitable for reliable and rational material flow for the processes in this industry involving the collection, separation, treatment and recycling of waste. 

Especially waste and recycling plants move large quantities of different materials – from household waste, biomass, and wood waste to construction waste – so the belt equipment has to be ready for many situations. Depending on individual requirements, VIS offers the appropriate belt solution with excellent release properties, troughability or transverse stability, oil and grease resistance or detectability.