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Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts

Excellent transport solutions

Conveyor Belts and Transmission Belts

Textile industry

In close cooperation with experienced experts in the textile industry, the product range of conveyor belts and transmission belts for this sector has been developed in-house and offers individual solutions for the requirements of users in this sector. 

VIS's tangential belts enable trouble-free running of a wide variety of machines in yarn production, fabric production and textile printing. They enable high running speeds in operation and guarantee excellent power transmission as well as low-noise and energy-efficient processes. 

Elastomer coatings further optimise the service life and abrasion resistance of the tangential belts and guarantee you, the customer, consistent product quality and long service life.

Areas of application:

  • rotor spinning machines
  • texturing machines
  • covering machines
  • twisting machines and
  • circular knitting machines

VIS conveyor and processing belts transport any textile fabric, flakes, fibres and foams without damaging the material. Cut-resistant belts are excellently suited for fabric cutting systems, whereas for high-speed spreading machines, particularly light and smooth belts are suitable. Also for laundry spreading machines, mixing plants, folding machines or other process plants you will find the appropriate belt solutions in our company. Depending on the construction and coating, they are resistant to various chemical influences and dirt-repellent. 

VIS belts prove their performance and versatility in various process stages. The advantages are rational material flow and reliable belt running in quiet working environments.

Properties depending on construction and coating:

  • dimensionally stable and low-noise
  • antistatic versions
  • smooth or textured
  • adhesive or slippery
  • long service life
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • excellent release properties
  • easy to clean

The products are available as endless belts, prepared for joining at your site, or in rolls if you wish to assemble them yourself for the textile industry.