Conveyor Belts

A main focus of our company is the production, tailoring and installation of PVC-, PU- and silicone conveyor belts. Our belts are suitable for the transport of light and medium loads. According to the requirements and the applications we could splice them in different ways.
They also can be equipped with V-guides, cross profiles and side walls. Our business activities contain belt types with widths up to 3.000 mm.
Over all this we’re also offering:

  • a multitude of international accepted certifications
  • tailor-made developments and production according to customer requirements
  • customer specific belt manufacturing

Transmission belts

With a wide product range of drive flat belts, high duty flat belts and tangential belts we are offering to our customer perfect solutions for power transmission and controlling for nearly all sectors of industry.
A comprehensive range of folder and transmission belts, machine tapes and round and timing belts completes our belt range.
Our belts are:

  • equipped with a traction layer made of polyamide or polyester
  • high abrasion resistant
  • energy-efficient

Accessories & Extras

You will find a huge selection of accessories for belts and conveyor belts. There’s a comprehensive assortment of PVC- and PU-profiles, machines for the tailoring of belts and conveyor belts as well as special coatings for specific conveying tasks.
Furthermore our program contains:

  • care products and auxiliary materials
  • splicing accessories like welding foil and glue
  • heating presses, finger puching and scarfing machines


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