About us

VIS GmbH is a producer of conveyor belts and transmission belts. With our 60 employees we are producing customer specific conveyor and transmission belts on a surface area of 50.000 m² and a production area of 14.000 m². The product range of VIS GmbH includes more than 500 different types of transmission and conveyor belts. These products find their application in many industrial areas e.g. textile industry, food industry, engineering, tobacco industry, paper and print industry etc. The excellent characteristics of our VIS products enable us to offer our customers very specific and customised solutions. For more than 140 years the customers benefit from our varied experiences we have collected in this business.

Achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction is our priority.

We offer our clients:

  • short termed delivery times
  • a cross-sectored product range
  • decades of experience in the belting industry
  • a wide range of service by trained staff
  • customer-friendly and swift advice by our highly qualified sales team
  • international cooperation with distribution partners in Europe, America and Asia


VIS Image brochure 2016 (german/englisch)

VIS image brochure 2016 (french/spanish)


Bahnstraße 1- 3
D - 08233 Treuen

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