1868Foundation of the „Mechanische Triebriemenweberei und Seilfabrik“ by Gustav Kunz
Production of textile drive belts, transmission ropes as well as all types of rope for shipping, mining and agriculture
1945Expropriation and dismantling of machines, production went on with handmade (self constructed) machines
1964„Segeltuchindustrie Meerane“, manufacturing of conveyor belts based on PVC
1968Incorporation into the company „Technische Textilien Meerane“
1970High quality of products and constantly increasing demand lead to important investments in the modernisation of the manufacturing techniques in the early 70s.
1989Additional manufacturing line for high-quality conveyor belts
1990New company name „Technische Textilien Meerane GmbH“
1993Privatisation on the 1st March, takeover through „VIS
Kunststofftechnik GmbH“ located in Offenburg
1994Investments in the Treuen location in order to expand the range of products and to enhance competitiveness
1997Centralisation of transmission belts production in Treuen
20012001    Since the 01.01.2001 the company operates under the name of „VIS BELTING GMBH“. With new profiles, new business segments and an intensive internationalization „VIS BELTING GMBH“ is well-established on the market. Business development has evolved in a very positive way ever since.
2008Company division into VIS BELTING GMBH as holding company and VIS GmbH as operation company
VIS celebrates its 140th birthday


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