VIS – Conveyor belts and transmission belts for wood industry

Diverse kinds of application require different requests on the belts. We offer therefore various types of high duty flat belts. Every component guarantees a certain characteristic which assures suitability for various applications and materials. We achieve a high traction force with a traction layer based on polyamide. This assures a high resistance to tearing and high-tension elasticity. The running side or power transmitting side of the belt can be surfaced with elastomer or chrome leather. This combination ensures that VIS high performance belts can be used in the wood industry:

  • one-side and both-side leather covered belts
  • applications in saw mills
  • transmission in the paper industry
  • in water-power mills
  • one-side and both-side rubber covered belts
  • for the transmission of tool machines, presses, stone crusher, generators

The combinations LT and LL are covered with chrome leather and therefore particularly oil and fat resistant and suitable for dusty and wet conditions. The combination GT with elastomer is especially used under normal operating conditions.

Belt recommendationArticle-no.ThicknessØ minWorking temperatureCoating (top side and running side)
H 20 GT301000103,7 mm250 mm-20..+80°C1,0 mm rubber / fabric
H 12 LT301000143,0 mm120 mm-20..+80°C1,8 mm leather/ fabric
H 30 LT301000176,0 mm400 mm-20..+80°C2,5 mm leather/ fabric
H 7 LL301000194,1 mm80 mm-20..+80°C1,8 mm öeather / 1,8 mm leather
H 20 LL301000227,0 mm300 mm-20..+80°C2,5 mm leather/ 2,5 mm leather
H 30/3 E V20A/U0 green201000384,3 mm120 mm-10..+70°C2,0 mm PVC / fabric
H 30/3 E V20A/V10NP green201000395,6 mm120 mm-10..+70°C2,0 mm PVC / 1,0 mm PVC


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