VIS conveyor belts for medium and high duty material handling

Conveyor belts for the toughest applications - even in worst environmental influences - VIS conveyor belts guarantee a most effective work flow. The up to 2 mm thick top layer coatings are made of wear and abrasion resistant PVC.

VIS PVC medium and heavy duty conveyor belts are mostly antistatic and perfectly suitable for rough material as bricks, glass, stones, gravel, boulder and sand. Special polyester fabric compounds provide a high grade of strength and are available in troughable and cross rigid versions. These belts can be equipped with v profiles, vertical profiles and side walls in order to maximize the capability. With a maximum thickness of 10 mm our belts are a perfect alternative to the conventinal rubber belt material.


Characteristical industry sectors for VIS high duty conveyor belts are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Wood and furniture
  • Steel processing
  • Ceramic and brick industry
  • Construction material industry
  • Flake board industry
  • Recycling
  • Acriculture


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