VIS – Conveyor and transmission belts for logistics

According to the demanding operating conditions in the logistic branch VIS offers ideal constructed conveyor and transmission belts. They are running through high conveying speeds and small pulleys without any problems. Wear resistant surfaces enable a pull on and pull off of goods for sliding activities. VIS conveyor belts support and improve a frictionless process. The transport of the various goods requires different belt structures, e. g. rough top (AR) for inclined transport up to 30°. Especially cross rigid belts assure a good directional stability of the belts. Most of these conveyor belts are equipped with a „low noise“ fabric on the bottom side which enables a low noise run of the conveyor belt. A high level of safety and optimal working conditions are therefore guaranteed.

The special construction of VIS belts with polyamide as traction layer and rubber coating assures excellent attenuation properties, a good operation stability and a simple job on site of the transmission belts with the help of adhesive.

Belt recommendationsArticle no.ThicknessØ minWorking temperatureCoating (top side and running side)
S 8/2 E V10L/U0 black201000072,6 mm50 mm-10..+70°C1,0 mm PVC / fabric
S 8/2 E V17AR/U0 green201000055,2 mm50 mm-10..+70°C1,7 mm PVC / fabric
S 12/2 E V10N/U0 FR black201000122,5 mm60 mm-10..+70°C1,0 mm PVC / fabric
F 4 GG 40303000023,9 mm30 mm-20..+80°C1,85 mm rubber/ 1,85 mm rubber
F 7 GG 30303000033,0 mm60 mm-20..+80°C1,1 mm rubber / 1,1 mm rubber
C 5 G-AR T 60304000046,0 mm80 mm-20..+80°C5,2 mm rubber / fabric


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