VIS – Light weight conveyors

VIS conveyor belts guarantee a rationalized product movement under difficult environmental circumstances in every kind of industry. They improve the economic working processes in the conveying technology. You find VIS conveyor belts in super market cashiers, in rail and postal distribution services, as well as in paper factories and the agricultural and chemical industries.
VIS belts with grip structure (GST), rough top (AR), longitudinal groove (L) and negative pyramid (NP) are suitable for low inclined transport. Our conveyor belts are designed to assist transport services even in cases of extreme incline, with different kind of profiles (horizontal and vertical profiles, side walls, v-profiles). Different types of splicing ensure problem-free applications in many conveying systems.

Belt recommendationsArticle
ThicknessØ mintemperature
Coating (top side and running side)
S 5/2 E V03N/0 black201000011,7 mm25 mm-10..+70°C0,3 mm PVC / fabric
S 8/2 E V05A/U0 green201000032,0 mm40 mm-10..+70°C0,5 mm PVC / fabric
S 12/2 E V05GST/U0 green201000082,5 mm60 mm-10..+70°C0,5 mm PVC / fabric
S 12/2 E V10A/U0 green201000092,5 mm60 mm-10..+70°C1,0 mm PVC / fabric
S 12/2 E V10A/V05NP green201000103,0 mm60 mm-10..+70°C1,0 mm PVC / 0,5 mm PVC
S 18/3 E V05N/U0 green201000323,8 mm120 mm-10..+70°C0,5 mm PVC / fabric


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