VIS – Conveyor belts for the food industry

VIS conveyor belts are especially used for the production, the processing and the packaging in the food industry. We are continuously extending our range of FDA/EU approved belts according to the specific requests. Our conveyor belts for the food industry are indicated with a „F“ (food) at the beginning of the type name. These VIS products show the following characteristics, specific for various parts of the food industry:

  • FDA/EU approved
  • cross rigid and flexible traction layers
  • small pulley diameters
  • equipped with cleats
  • good anti-sticking characteristics and cleaning practicability

VIS conveyor belts are used for the transport for different kinds of food:

  • meat, fish, chicken
  • sweets and bakery goods
  • dairy products
  • vegetable and fruits
Belt recommendationsArticle
ThicknessØ minWorking temperaturecoating (top side and running side)
F 3/1 E S03/U0 white203000011,0 mmMK-20..+100°C0,3 mm silicone / fabric
F 4/2 E S03/S0 white203000031,6 mm40 mm-40..+180°C0,3 mm silicone / fabric
F 3/1 E U05N/U0 white202000040,9 mmMK-20..+100°C0,5 mm PU / fabric
F 5/2 E 0/U/0 transparent204000020,9 mm20 mm-10..+100°Cfabric / fabric
F 5/2 E U02N/U0 white202000471,2 mmMK-20..+100°C0,2 mm PU / fabric
F 6/1 E U05GST/U0 blue202000061,5 mmMK-20..+100°C0,5 mm PU / fabric
F 8/2 E V05A/U0 white/blue201000162,0 mm40 mm-10..+70°C0,5 mm PVC / fabric
F 8/2 E V05A/V05NP white/blue20100017
2,5 mm60 mm-10..+70°C 0,5 mm PVC
F 18/3 E V07A/V07NP white201000184,3 mm120 mm-10..+70°C0,7 mm PVC / 0,7 mm PVC
HF 18/3 E V20N/V10 FDA special white201001796,0 mm180 mm-10..+70°C2,0 mm PVC / 1,0 mm PVC


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